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Oasis Fire

Are you sure you saw what you thought you saw?

Aewnaur & Shadith Joint Productions
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This lj community is a joint production between aewnaur and sunstrider, better known as Desertwren and Shadith.

A place for us to let flow the myriad of plots, schemes, and muses that constantly overflow the madness of our combined psyches.

Feedback is more than welcome :)

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Just a lil' bit about aewnaur: Has a bad caffine addiction, and sugar. I'm saying that's the reason for the insanity. 'People always said I just weren't right!'

Fun facts to know 'bout sunstrider: Has a really, really bad habit of starting long involved fics, and then having her tiny brain distracted by various things. Is like a crow in that way... ya' know oooh, shiny!

Look what we got!